LeafSpring Shiatsu

~ Promoting Health on the Energetic and Spiritual level

Shiatsu is a Traditional Japanese style of Acupressure Therapy that traces its roots back to ancient Chinese medical traditions. Shiatsu Therapy employs the techniques of delivering pressure using hands, elbows and knees while incorporating gentle stretching in order to release tension and stress.

Some conditions that Shiatsu may help include:
– muscular tension and pain
– headaches
– arthritic pain
– digestive problems
– menstrual irregularities
– insomnia
– anxiety.

Greg Mulholland, is a highly skilled and advanced Shiatsu practitioner with over 3000 hours of training and six years of experience. Greg Integrates his knowledge and expertise of other healing modalities such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Moxabustion, Cupping, Tui Na (Chinese Massage), Nutritional Healing as well as Meridian (energy) exercises.

Fascinated with Esoteric and Eastern cultures, Greg’s interests became formalized in his mid-twenties with the practice of meditation and martial arts. In 2008 he discontinued his undergraduate study of East Asian Studies at UofT in favour of Shiatsu Therapy as it seemed to embody the living principles of Buddhism and Taoism rather than simply offering knowledge and historical facts. Since his graduation from the Shiatsu program in 2010, Greg has been experiencing profound growth and this has led to the further exploration and mingling of other healing modalities and more recently the continued study of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Greg’s style of Shiatsu Therapy combines extensive knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology with the wisdom of Oriental Medical philosophy. His goal within the practice of Shiatsu Therapy is to provide something more than a manual treatment itself. Accompanying the knowledge and experience patients gain from the treatments, his education and experience can helps guide client’s toward understanding and awareness that provides further communication between body, mind and spirit. The knowledge he provides extends through exercise, diet and lifestyle in order to achieve a more holistic approach to one’s health.


Treatments offered at:

Toronto Tao Sangha Healing Centre 375 Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 3Z3

Tao Sangha Map

Home treatments* are also available.
Call or text to book an appointment:

* (house calls may only be booked for 60 minutes or more)

Treatment cost breakdown:

60 Minute Treatment ~ $80**
45 Minute Treatment ~ $70
30 Minute Treatment ~ $55
90 Minute Treatment ~ $100
5 x 60 Minute Treatment Package ~ $280
5 x 45 Minute Treatment Injury Treatment Package ~ $190
(available after initial assessment)

** Appointments of 60 minutes or more include a 15 minute assessment

~ HST included in pricing ~

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a form of massage that is translated as “finger pressure” and uses thumbs and fingers in a way like acupuncture to stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities. Through dynamic system of diagnosis like that of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the application of pressure to specific areas of the body, Shiatsu massage promotes health and well-being. Shiatsu treatments are dynamic and treat each patient in an individual way. A Shiatsu treatment treats the whole body as a means of engaging the physical body’s overall constitution. Shiatsu is a therapy and therefore it is useful for maintaining the health of an individual but not useful for acute medical conditions.

Shiatsu calms an overactive sympathetic nervous system, improves circulation, relieve stiff muscles and alleviate stress.

What can I expect from Shiatsu treatments?

On a physical level you may experience:

  • deep relaxation and stress reduction
  • reduced pain and swelling during the recovery of an injury
  • relief from stiffness and muscle tension
  • improved flexibility and range of motion
  • improved circulation of blood
  • more energy and vitality in everyday activities

On a mental or emotional level you may feel:

  • relief of anxiety and nervous tension
  • increased mind-body connection
  • awareness of personal health and overall well being
  • a state of calm with the ability to think clearly
  • an overall enhanced mood, peace of mind and sense of freedom

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